Index of line in file python

Index of line in file python Indexing text files python activestate code, this recipe shows process text file order create words created separate text file consists entry line unique word file. Get line number phrase file python stack, i line number phrase text file phrase dog barked open file search phrase print line number python 2 6. How analyze file line line python thoughtco, how analyze file line line python loop statement analyze text file share flipboard email print aadis flikr cc 2 0 puter science python programming php programming language perl programming language java programming javascript programming delphi programming programming ruby programming visual basic view al lukaszewski updated august 12. Python jump line huge text, if processing huge text file 15mb lines unknown length jump line number advance feel bad processing ignore file elegant solution. Text files line count cheaply python, param file path path file return int lines num subprocess check output wc file path num num split return int num 0 update marginally faster pure python cost memory usage subprocess fork process memory footprint parent process executes mand. blog archives   filesdrug

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