Get index of enum java

Get index of enum java How enum index java stack overflow, tour start quick overview site center detailed answers questions meta discuss workings policies site. Enum index stack overflow, i wondering enum access enum test bye test 0. Enum java platform se 7 oracle center, compares enum object order returns negative integer positive integer object equal greater object. Java enum tutorial 10 examples enum java, what enum java enum java keyword feature represent fixed number values java number days week number pla s solar system enumeration enum java introduced jdk 1 5 favorite features j2se 5 autoboxing unboxing generics varargs static import. Enumerated type wikipedia, in puter programming enumerated type called enumeration enum factor programming language categorical variable statistics data type consisting set named values called elements members enumeral enumerators type enumerator names identifiers behave constants language. in java how to get random element from arraylist and

in java how to get random element from arraylist and

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Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site ...
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I was wondering in C++ if I have an enum can I access the value at the second index? For example I have enum Test{hi, bye}; if I want 'hi', can I do something like Test[0], thanks....
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Compares this enum with the specified object for order. Returns a negative integer, zero, or a positive integer as this object is less than, equal to, or greater than the specified object....
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What is Enum in Java Enum in Java is a keyword, a feature which is used to represent fixed number of well-known values in Java, For example, Number of days in Week, Number of planets in Solar system etc. Enumeration (Enum) in Java was introduced in JDK 1.5 and it is one of my favorite features of J2SE 5 among Autoboxing and unboxing , Generics, varargs and static import....
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